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Learn a Language Super-Fast with Mnemonic Sprints
So you think learning 50-100 words per day - while commuting, exercising or taking a break - sounds too good to be true? Choose a language and see for yourself.
Try a language for free:

Ace your tourist language skills – while on the plane

What if you could master all the necessary words you need for your holiday, just before your plane lands?

Elevate your English business skills – while commuting

Becoming a better communicator while saving time on your way to work definitely won’t hurt your career.

Rock your language curriculum – while taking the bus

Playing through a bunch of word lists while taking the bus to school has never been easier.

Ace 30 new vocabularies in 30 minutes – while exercising

Experience how the fun techniques will enable you to learn a language at super speed.

Learn a language super-fast with the MemoLanguage method
How did you learn your native language? When you think about it, you were first imitating the sounds around you, then learning words and combining them to phrases, before finally mastering the grammar. With MemoLanguage you’ll do the same, only much faster.
  • Crawl
    Crawl – and learn the pronunciation – before you walk. After all, noone wants to know all the words and grammar, but still be poorly understood.
  • Walk
    Walk through your first word lists in a fun way with mnemonic memory tips. If you focus on word lists with topics you’re interested in, you’ll have more fun and progress faster.
  • Sprint
    Once you’ve mastered the basic mnemonic techniques, get ready to sprint through 50 to 100 words per day. Simply use your idle time, while commuting, exercising or taking a break.
  • Jump
    Jump to new heights by combining the words you know into phrases. MemoLanguage will automatically suggest new phrase lists based on the words you already master.
  • Juggle
    Juggle all the elements together by mastering the grammar rules. Now that you know some words and phrases, it also makes sense to coordinate them in the right sequence.
  • Stretch
    Stretching prevents injury. Memolanguage will tell you to refresh before your brain starts to forget. This way you’ll prevent memory loss and have a healthy brain.
Try a language for free:
Concepts our users love
We love techniques for accelerated language learning. So do our users.
Learn super-fast with mnemonics

Our brains remember things that are fun, which is why mnemonics are so effective:

  • If you want to learn the Spanish word for ‘car’ – coche – simply use what it reminds you of in English – couch? – and create a funny memory story.
  • Later, to recall what a ‘car’ is in Spanish, simply think of your memory story – perhaps a couch driving down the street – and you’ll quickly be reminded that the word is similar to ‘coche’.
Run through many word lists with sprints

What if you could learn 50 or 100 words per day? This is not wishful thinking, as the sprint missions are specifically designed to let you learn an incredible amount of words within a short time frame.

With a little practice you’ll be sprinting more words than you would have thought to be possible ... And having fun while doing it.

Never forget with spaced repetitions

Memolanguage cures the disease of forgetting by reminding you of when to repeat, just before your brain statistically starts to forget.

The ‘brain lights’ will mark your lists as red, yellow or green to indicate whether your brain has stopped, is slowing down or is working at top speed.

Try a language for free: