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Taking the brain to school
Shouldn’t learning to learn be at the heart of every school? With the latest scientific tools and techniques in our bag, Memolife is on a mission of taking the brain to school.
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Training the brain to learn faster
Everyone knows that physical activities and sports is healthy, which is why physical education is a subject in school. But what are we doing to train our brains? What are we doing to teach students real life skills? What are we doing to prepare students for the real life challenges as future employees and value creators in society? Most of what we know about our brain has been discovered in the last years. Yet, few schools are reaping the benefits from this. Memolife is bridging this gap with custom techniques, apps and courses that train students’ brains to master knowledge and skills at super speed.
Courses and Seminars

Did you know that our brain produces enough electricity to light up a light bulb?

All courses and seminars combine fun facts about the brain with practical techniques for how we train the brain to change. To succeed over time we also need to train the brain over time. That’s why all courses are combined with fun digital brain training on all screen sizes.

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Memolife is a mental fitness gym that trains the brain to learn new knowledge and skills at super speed. Students will master 100 life areas with 1 master technique, making the learning fast and fun.

The membership gives access to all apps, courses, articles and videos. The students can also use the apps to co-operate to learn subjects, languages, skills or trivia even faster.

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Let us take the brain to your school
With the latest scientific techniques and tools in our bag, we are on the mission of taking the brain to school
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