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A better you
Fast and fun - that’s what learning and self-improvement should be all about. It’s the heart of all our proven tools and techniques, helping you become «a better you».
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Knowledge training Behaviour training Skills training 100 life areas with Functional brain training
  • Combining what works
    Crossfit did it to fitness. The UFC did it to martial arts. Memolife is now doing it to learning. We're creating a new category in the education and self-improvement space by combining what really works. Memolife merges the training of skills, knowledge and behaviour into one ecosystem of functional brain training – brain training with real life benefits.
  • Using your whole brain
    Most of what we know about our brain has been discovered in the last years. Yet, few people, businesses and schools are reaping the benefits from this. Memolife is bridging this gap with custom techniques that train people’s brains to master new skills, knowledge and habits at super speed.
  • 3 benefits in 1 experience
    We value your time – you’ll learn fast and simultaneously train your brain. In addition you’ll save time using Memolife when commuting, exercising or taking a break:
    • Master skills, knowledge & habits faster,
    • while training the brain sharper,
    • while commuting, exercising or taking a break.
  • Better days - a better you
    Memolife is a mental fitness gym that will let you master 100 life areas with 1 master technique. Daily brain sprints with apps, courses, curated articles and videos change learning and self-improvement into what it’s supposed to be – fast and fun. Together, we’ll make your days better and turn you into «a better you».
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