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Training business brains
The best athletes have the best training. It’s the same in business, but how often do your team members really train? With the latest scientific tools and techniques in our bag, we’re training business brains to peak performance.
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If you’re not growing – you’re declining

If the employees are one of your company’s most important assets, then training them is one of the most important activities. The majority of what we know about our brain has been discovered in the last years. Yet, few businesses are reaping the benefits from this.

At Memolife, we’re bridging this gap with custom techniques and tools that train business brains to master skills and knowledge at super speed. Memolife is the mental fitness gym that enables your employees to keep growing so that your company can shine at peak performance.

Courses and Seminars
To succeed over time you need to train your brain over time. That’s why all courses are combined with fun digital brain training on all screen sizes. Choose from 100 life areas that match the needs of your company.
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Memolife is the mental fitness gyme that trains your brain to master new knowledge and skills at super speed. Your team members can choose to master 100 life areas with 1 master technique, making the training fast and fun.

The membership gives access to all apps, courses, articles and videos.

Neuro-Business workshops

What if the change your company wants to achieve is in conflict with the values of your team members?

A Neuro-Business workshop starts with the values – the DNA of the company – and relates these to the vision, goals, operational procedures and values of the team members.

The resulting gap analysis recommends which skills should be trained to reach the company goals – in alignment with the values.

Some of the companies we have worked with: