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Train Your Brain to Become an Everyday Memory Genius
Improve your memory with real life techniques and fun games – while commuting, excercising or taking a break.

Learn how to never forget a name – while waiting for a friend

The power techniques in Memogenius will turn you into social star - remember all names at the next event or party!

Master how to quickly memorize any presentation – while exercising

Memorize the content super-fast and use more time on your presentation technique instead.

Rock your study skills – while playing with friends

When done the right way, acing your exams will be fun and fast – and even better with friends.

Learn ho to remember anything from meetings – while taking a break

Being able to remember all the meeting points without notes will help you close that sale or ace the next project.

Master the skill of speed vocabulary learning – while travelling

If you think memorizing 100 words in a day sounds too good to be true – think again!

Become the ultimate quiz master – while waiting in line

Memorizing trivia and keeping it in your long-term memory has never been more fun or easier.

Play games with real life techniques
Improve at super speed - with proven techniques
We put practical brain techniques at the core of everything, such as techiques used by world memory champions and other brain experts. The master technique has been developed with these experts to accelerate your learning of each of the 100 life skills.
“It’s awesome to see how Memolife adapts the memory techniques that I use for practical, everyday life benefits for students, corporates and self-developers.”
Corinna Draschl
World Memory Grandmaster
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