Learn faster with mnemonic memory tips,
language sprints & brain-based repetitions


Features you will love

Learn and Practice

  •  Pronunciation
  •  2500 words
  •  500 phrases
  •  5 grammar levels

Start your learning with fun and efficient mnemonic memory tips. Share and be inspired by other users. Practie and self-evaluate before you test.

Test your knowledge

  •  Type the answers
  •  Multiple choice
  •  Drag n' drop
  •  Fill in the blanks

Get instant feedback and accelerate your learning with different types of tests. Complete a list and get started with a new one before you know it.

Earn belts and Awards

  •  Language sprints
  •  List awards
  •  Karma points
  •  Belt levels

Become a black-belt language master! Accelerate your learning with language sprints, enjoy your progress with the list awards and get karma points by sharing and learning with others.

Remember everything with brain lights

  • =  Perfect memory
  • =  Time to repeat
  • =  Repetition overdue

Be reminded of when to repeat – just before your brain starts to forget. Based on memory studies, this feature will let you remember everything – forever.

Take it with you - Wherever you go

  •  Web
  •  Tablet
  •  Mobile

Use those spare moments in everyday life to quickly learn a new list or fly through a repetition – the tablet and mobile versions let you have more fun and save time.

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MJELVA ONG "I’m quite impressed with how fun this really is. I’m totally hooked."
NICHOLAS ANDERSEN "I only wish I would have known of these accelerated learning tools earlier in my life."