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Learn fast. Remember forever
while training your brain sharper
Accelerated learning platform with essential life skills and knowledge, summarized with fun memory techniques.
Make your day great
with 5 minute accelerated learning & brain training sprints

Improve your brain to be faster than a calculator - while taking a break

Play CalculationGenius and impress yourself with super fast mental math.

Super-fast mental math
Life Skill 03

Improve your memory to never forget a name - while travelling

The power techniques in Memogenius will turn you into social star - remember all names at the next event or party!

Super-fast memory
Life Skill 02

Change your habits and create the life you want - while commuting

Master the techniques that will unleash your inner giant and trigger the habits you want, at the right time.

Faster learning
Life Skill 36

Learn your curriculum fast - while playing with friends

Ace your curriculum with summaries created with super fun memory techniques.

Faster learning
Life Skill 10-32

Ace 30 new vocabularies in 30 minutes - while exercising

Experience how the fun techniques will enable you to learn a new language at lightning speed.

Accelerated language learning
Life Skill 11

Learn a new skill or a knowledge area - while relaxing

Visualize and remember with the master technique, while daydreaming and taking a break.

Faster learning
Life Skill 00-99

Become super-focused - while doing push-ups

Sharpen your focus and concentration skills to the max with the MemoFocus games.

Super-fast memory
Life Skill 01-02

Skyrocket your sales skills - while travelling

Explore the neuro-sales techniques which will set you apart from the competition!

Faster learning
Life Skill 83

Master how to remember everything in meetings - while working out

Game yourself into a true MemoGenius and "conquer the room" in all your meetings.

Super-fast memory
Life Skill 02
Make your week awesome
with 5 minute accelerated learning & brain training sprints
Master 100 life skills – with 1 master technique
Focus Mental Math Memory Culture & Etiquette Languages Geography Goals Communication Mental Hygiene Habit Mastery Facial Expressions Versatile Fitness Body Language Sexual IQ Meditation Sleep Optimization Time Management Neuro Sales Presentations Dancing Knowledge Travels Cooking

We've combined the best techniques from brain training, accelerated learning and behaviour change into an ecosystem of 100 life skills and knowledge areas. Choose your life skills from 7 categories to get started:

  • Brain 00 - 09
  • Knowledge 10 - 32
  • Mind 33 - 51
  • Body 52 - 66
  • Soul 67 - 78
  • Career 79 - 88
  • Leisure 89 - 99
Excel – your way
Choose your life skill and improve the way you like to. You can either accelerate your learning with the apps and courses or browse through bitesize learning sessions with videos and articles. The master technique will let you accelerate your progress of every area.
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Play a 2-minute brain game while waiting in line or master a new life skill over lunch. Start with a white belt and ace the missions to turn into a black belt master!